OpenMRS Implementers Showcase: Join us Tuesday Oct 13 to hear updates from around the world!

Come join us at the first OpenMRS Implementers Showcase, Tuesday Oct 13 at 2pm UTC!

What’s an Implementers Showcase?

OpenMRS Implementers from around the world will briefly show-and-tell visual examples of things they’ve been working on recently. This is similar to the monthly Squad Showcase. Our goal is to help all types of community members to understand what on-the-ground use cases are a high priority for our implementers, and identify shared interests. These showcases will happen roughly every quarter.

Each Implementer who has signed up will have 10 minutes to share:

  • Recent highlights: Things you’re most proud of from the last quarter (with a few visuals like pictures, screenshots, or a demo).
  • Your next priorities: Focus for next quarter, any areas you’re looking for collaboration.

How do I join?

Time: Oct 13, 2:00pm-3:30pm UTC (7:30pm IST | 5pm EAT | 4pm CST | 10am EDT | 7am PST)

Google Calendar Event Link: Click here to add to your calendar

Call Link:

Feel free to invite others! We also will post a recording shortly after.

Presenters List

The current list of confirmed presenters is:

  • Partners In Health - Ellen Ball
  • IntelliSOFT - Steve Wanyee, Kenneth Ochieng & Susan Gathu
  • VecnaCares - Paul Amendola & Sameer Motwani
  • Bahmni - Showcasing 0.93 release features
  • UMB Nigeria - Ahmed Sylvanus
  • IHS Informatics - Ali Habib
  • …and more may come!

Can’t wait to see you there!

FYI @burke @dkayiwa @jennifer @ball @ddesimone @mogoodrich @mseaton @akimaina @bashir @ibacher @bistenes @florianrappl @mksd @jwnasambu @akanter @herbert24 @suthagar23 @mozzy @gcliff @tendomart @sharif @gracebish @isears @wanyee @ssmusoke @jdick @ccwhite23 @pmanko - please tag others you think would be interested :slight_smile:


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A huge thank-you to everyone who attended the Implementers Showcase!

  • 54 people joined live
  • 9 organizations shared updates about their work (great work presenters!!)
  • 12+ countries were impacted by this work using the OpenMRS platform

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