OpenMRS Immersion Evening - December 1, 2016 - Kampala Uganda

I would like to invite you to an OpenMRS Immersion evening happening this Thursday 1st December 2016 from 5pm to 7pm EAT at Outbox. Register OpenMRS Immersion evening - Outbox - December 1, 2016 . The session is free to attend.

In preparation for the OpenMRS International Implementor’s Conference to be held from December 6 to 9, and hack-a-thon on December 10 and 11, Outbox is holding an Immersion evening on Thursday December 1, 2016 from 5 to 7pm.

OpenMRS is an open source electronic management record system which was adopted by Uganda in 2005. The Uganda implementation, branded UgandaEMR, is currently functional in about 450 health facilities, November 2016, with a national target of having the system in about 1000 health facilities by the end of 2017

The purpose of the developer day is to introduce the OpenMRS technical architecture, support tools around it and how to get started contributing to both the open-source project and UgandaEMR.

The immersion will also set the stage for those who will participate in the conference and the follow-on Ugandan OpenMRMS hack-a-thon.

The topics for this developer are:

  • Accessing OpenMRS Talk, JIRA, GitHub, WIKI
  • Setting up an OpenMRS development environment using the SDK
  • Difference Platform and Reference Application
  • How to contribute to OpenMRS and UgandaEMR
  • Creating a module
  • Fixing my first issue

The sessions will be facilitated by:


This sounds really good cant wait to attend. Thanks Steve

Hi Everyone, I’m Darin Williams, a doctoral student in Technical Communications & Rhetoric at Texas Tech University. My research blends Global TechComm, User Experience Research and Information Architecture. I’m currently interested in how wikis are used in process development and implementation in the healthcare industry. I was first exposed to OpenMRS this week in my ‘Social Media Implementation’ course and it seems like the exact tool that I’d like to explore. I never thought of wikis as social media. But, OpenMRS was listed by Anne Gentle in Conversation & Community; The Social Web for Documentation as an example of social media tools that support implementation and mind share. I’m drafting a grant proposal where I’d like to study the user experience for information systems in Uganda. So, I’d love to hear about any on-going projects in that area. I understand that there is an ongoing collaboration between OpenMRS and Makerere University. I would love to learn more about the people involved. Please share your thoughts and contacts. I’m excited to get started.