OpenMRS HTML form Image Upload in the OpenMRS 2.x version

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Hi @mogoodrich @surangak @harsha89 @burke

I am trying to setup the image upload in the HTML forms in the new GUI. the image upload feature only works with the earlier version.

How can I fix this??

Any pointers are welcome.

Thank you

@mogoodrich @surangak @harsha89 @burke Any pointers on this matter? This is a blocker. :slight_smile:

@akshika47, I think it would be helpful if you outline some steps on how you’re trying to re-create this on OpenMRS 2.0. Do you see any specific error messages? anything on the javascript console? maybe @dkayiwa can also advise :slight_smile:

@surangak there is no error message. I will redo it and check.

I followed this guide

Not sure what is wrong.