OpenMRS GSOD 2020 Warm Up Practises

Below are the warm up practises for GSOD 2020,kindly check them out

  1. Signup for An OpenMRS ID , if you don’t have one. It’s what you will use to communicate on Talk and sign into our Wiki.

  2. Join the Documentation Team’s Roadmap on Trello. Set up a Trello account and then ask @herbertyiga, @gracebish, or @jennifer to send you an invitation to join the board. Trello link:

  1. If you are new to OpenMRS, spend some time getting to know the OpenMRS community and our best practices, as well as OpenMRS software and its usages around the world. The best place to start is our WIKI, . Learn about our community conventions, active projects that may need documentation support, our platform and distributions, and ongoing community events and meetings that you can join. We also have an FAQ and a glossary to help you with some initial questions.

  2. If you have any question/s please use our official communication channels ie openmrs talk : OpenMRS GSoD 2020

  3. Be active on OpenMRS Talk forum, by discussing project ideas with The OpenMRS Community . Read through Hints on the Application / Acceptance Criteria

  4. Try out installing openmrs using the different installation links for openmrs,update the links and let us know of your works by adding the link and some description of what you updated on this link OpenMRS GSoD 2020

  5. Checkout wiki pages that may seem to be inaccurate or outdated.Go on and update them.let us know of your works by adding a description of what you updated here OpenMRS GSoD 2020

  6. Checkout our trello board and pick up a task if any in the Up Next section.

cc @yash29x @vibhorchinda17 @chaytanya @saurabh @rainbow @jnsereko @favour @uthpala @kaveeshabaddage


@jennifer I would like to work on one of your API projects listed on GSoD 2020, could you please send me an invitation to Trello board? Thanks!