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Hi community,

are group of bachelor students from germany. We have analysed the OpenMRS application as part of a team project from our university. In this case we created some german guides for installation, administration und usage of the software. We don’t know where to put these documents. Maybe someone can move the files to the right place.

Here is the link to the .pdf-files stored in googleDrive:


Vielen Dank! These look very great and will be very useful.

If you (i.e. the authors) are willing to re-license them under the CC BY license (it seems they are currently CC BY-NC-SA) we could post them on the OpenMRS Wiki. (Either uploading the PDF’s directly, or even better, maybe converting them to wiki pages.) What do you think?

Mit freundlichen grüßen :slightly_smiling:

OK. I’ll discuss it with the other authors and will give you a feedback.

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Hi Sebastian, I don’t see many people from Germany dealing with OpenMRS (unfortunately), happy to see your post therefore :slight_smile: I am interested in what your university project is/was about. (In general I have the impression that ICT4D is not a large topic in Germany as it is in the US, also in terms of university support but also in terms of general awareness of the people.) Regards from Stuttgart, Mathias

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Hi Mathias,

the topic of our project was “Selection, analysis, and exemplary implementation of open source patient management systems for use in the German health care system”. For this we chosed OpenMRS an we compared OpenMRS with an commercial HIS. We saw the potential and the value for developing contries and decided to help the community. For this we made an german translation of the standalone version and created the german guides. We also implemented the enterprise edition on our university for use in some study courses. I hope that more students want to support projects like OpenMRS.

Regards from Trier Sebastian

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