OpenMRS French translation ?

Using Platform 1.11.3 (Enterprise)…

Hello Everyone,

Is anyone using OpenMRS in French?

I am currently evaluating with a small team of Togolese health professionals the feasibility of using OpenMRS to support their work in a rural hospital in Togo (Africa). It’s a place I go to very frequently for another, education related, project…

The work language in Togo being French, we looked at the French version of 1.11.3 (Enterprise Edition). Unfortunately, the translation appears to be very limited (only about 300 of the 2800+ terms/phrases).

I started to translate some of the 2800+ terms, but I realize that will be a rather long task… So, before reinventing the (French) wheel, I wonder if someone has already done the work and would be willing to share it.

Thank you ! DL

Bonjour je me nomme TRAORE et je suis sur un projet aussi concernant le développement d’une telle application dans un Centre de santé au Burkina Faso. Votre aide me serait précieux. Cordialement: