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Hi - I’m Kate, an occupational therapist/health systems consultant from South Africa, with the kind of developer skills that involve rural disability services rather than computers… I’m exploring OpenMRS as an alternative for an electronic patient management system we built on (a no-code subscription software platform, rapidly becoming unaffordable as our patient records mount!). Using an IT system has made huge differences to our hardest-to-reach patients, and gives us access to crucial data for advocating for our services.

I’m very keen to connect with others using OpenMRS specifically for disability/rehabilitation/mental health and assistive technology services - anyone out there? (By rehab I mean physio, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, audiology… the full multidisciplinary whack).

There are many OpenMRS implementations including Partners In Health who have been developing/deploying OpenMRS for Mental Health and Rehabilitation. For your systems, you need to determine your OpenMRS software platform (RefApp2, OpenMRS3, or Bahmni) along with who will customize/support/maintain the system.

We use htmlforms in OpenMRS RefApp2. We provide mental health care at all our facilities (Haiti, Liberia, Malawi, Mexico, Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Kazahkstan) along with OpenMRS functionality for mental health. Here is a sample:

The Rehabilitation work was built in 2010 for post-earthquake Haiti. It is not currently used but still works:

If you want to see what it looks like, I can provide screenshots.

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Hi @katesherry, we are using OpenMRS for our Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) program as well as Physical Rehabilitation Program (PRP) deployed in physical rehabilitation centers.

We have the following forms for MHPSS (deployed in 27 countries):

  • DASS 21
  • CRIES-13
  • CRIES-8
  • IES-R
  • SRQ 20
  • ProQOL
  • WHODAS 2.0
  • Brief Cope

Here are some examples in O3 specific to a patient:

Scores are automatically interpreted according to the scale’s guideline.

For Physical Rehabilitation Program (O2): We have a workflow to follow so the user needs to fill in the required form first before they can fill in other forms:

We have the following forms:

Here is a sample of a technical card: image

OpenMRS is connected to Odoo for device manufacturing.

Hope this helps.


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