OpenMRS for MCH? (Maternal and Child Health)

Hi All - Wondering if anyone has an implementation out there with OpenMRS being used for MCH workflows (registration, workflows across service areas - ANC, L&D, Child At Risk, etc) . We are getting ready to do this workflow in Mozambique and would love to see another implementation out there if possible.

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(Really fast answer)

We covered ANC visits for our work on the Rwanda Health Information Exchange (RHIE) Basically, our plan was to collect data from four separate ANC visits per patient.

More info can be found at: (1) (2) (3) Use cases: (4) Forms:

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We have it implemented in kenyaEMR for mothers and children. Please check

Can anyone update on OpenMRS work with ANC, L&D, and the 9 months after birth for Mother and baby? I’d love to remind and inform about the OpenMRS form bank. Sharing is good.

The previous link for Rwanda ANC forms isn’t working. Can you advise where to find these forms?