OpenMRS folks attending MEDINFO 2015?

Jonathon, I am back in Tasmania after Chile (3 1/2 months). Can you provide some feedback on how and in what physical locations were the UI for the Ebola management occur. I am impressed by the simplicity of the designs (big buttons for big rubber gloves) and also the apparent workflow designs e.g. patient locations and status. terry

Terry, are you asking which sites made use of the system (Kerry Town ETC in Sierra Leone)…or in which physical areas they were used (the red zone where the positive and suspected-positive patients were bedded)… or in what clinical operations (the four-times-daily clinical rounds through the red zone, when patients were physically assessed and IV/med actions taken)… or did I misunderstand the question?

Jonathan, in your astuteness you have replied with more than I had thought of. All these queries you have asked of me are relevant to my enquiry because the eHealth system -OpenMRS- does not exist in isolation as an IT system. It affects people and all components of the clinical workflow. So sites?-yes Physical Areas?-yes and how Clinical operations-Yes and who drove the UI testing and changes (from your slides and paper there were iterations-correct?) Then the interactions of the end-users-how, response to the UI and devices… You have stimulated me to ask even more. I hope I am not asking out of ignorance. Terry

Is there a link to a demo of the ebola work? I’d love to look at it in detail.

I added a link to it here:

(It was down, but we brought it back up.)

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