OpenMRS FHIR workflow

Hey all,

I am new to Open MRS. I am interested in taking datas from open emrs through FHIR. Can anyone please give me a work flow reg how to install the fhir add ons and take the datas through fhir using postman.

Also I haven’t installed open mrs yet on my pc . Kindly let me know the peoper installation fllow on Ubuntu os.

Hi @aravindh , Thank you for your interest towards using Openmrs EMR,

I have shared the link above which you will need to follow while installing Openmrs instance on your local machine. Please me know when it’s running then I can guide you through FHIR endpoints.

Hey @abertnamanya , Thank you for the quick response. I will try installing it and update you.

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Hey @abertnamanya i have installed docker on my ubuntu, Kindly suggest me what options should i choose from the below picture and how to install it using docker.

You can take Option 3

Hey @mozzy thank you for the response. Can you just explain me how to create a direct docker compose to install latest version of Open Mrs on docker and getting datas through fhir.

Jusy guide me how the .yml file should be an what are all the parameters to be changed and how to install it. It will be a great help for me.

Create a file docker-compose.yml in any directory of your choice. and paste the contents of the docker-compose.yml as described in the attached link above. then run sudo docker-compose up

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Hey @abertnamanya I have got it running on docker. Thank you so much for your guidance. Just have one more doubt, I have run the comand docker-compose up and its running, it will not run if the terminal is stopped right and it took around 40 mins to compose, how to keep it running or rerun it whenever necessary?

And also is it necessary to have kvm for docker desktop?

Thanks in advance.

docker compose up -d runs it in the background

Yes, that’s how Docker Desktop works. If you’re on Linux, you can always forgo Docker Desktop and use plain Docker, but that’s beyond the scope of the help we can provide.

Hey @ibacher Thank you for the response.

I am new to OpenMRS. I am interested in taking datas from open emrs through FHIR. Can anyone please give me a work flow reg how to install the fhir add ons and take the datas through fhir using postman. And also what all documentations i need to go through first to understand openMRS FHIR, Modules, Endpoints Etc?

I don’t really understand what you’re asking for exactly. Currently basically all of the FHIR functionality is controlled through the FHIR2 module, which is part of the platform so basically if you installed OpenMRS, it’s part of the installation. We have overall documentation for FHIR in OpenMRS, though it’s more focused on strategy rather than engineering. We also have an implementation guide that documents the subset of FHIR the FHIR2 module implements.

In general, we haven’t documented basic things about FHIR itself. We assume some familiarity with the FHIR specification, particularly R4 for basic types, how the overall REST API and search works. However, most of that is linked in various posts you should be able to find on Talk using the search functionality.

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Hey @ibacher many thanks for the quick response.

I have worked on differnt EMRs and FHIR earlier so i am having a basic knowledge reg it but the work flow or getting datas through FHIR differs between all other EMR which are available outside. As i am new to openMRS i just wanted to know how to fetch datas from openMRS through FHIR using postman. so that i can implement the same later in any other programming languages like python.

For an example if i wanted to take patient datas through fhir from OpenMRS using postman.What will be the work flow?. What will be the end points?. Do i have to change any settings for FHIR in OpenMRS?. A basic example using postman would help me understand how things works .

Hello, I have the same concern. I have set up two OpenMRS instances in docker, and I would like to exchange data from one instance to another using FHIR. I have already installed the FHIR module on both instances. I would like to know if there is already an implemented workflow for this type of operation so that I don’t reinvent the wheel.

Hi, @aluckenson This documentation should be able to bring an idea. Patient Level Indicator Reporting (PLIR) - Projects - OpenMRS Wiki Okay let me summarize it this way, You need an intermediator between these two EMRs which allows the interchange of data between the two systems. As in the mentioned above doc PLIR consumes data from Openmrs Via Openhim so you should be able to use the same concept but this time Openmrs to Openmrs.