OpenMRS Existing UI Fragments Docs

One problem that I had while developing UI was that I couldn’t find a guide on what fragments are already there, what the fragments are that I see on different pages, and how to reuse them in my module.


<%=ui.includeFragment("appui", "messages", [codes: [

Where can I find what this appui fragment is, what it does and all?

Wouldn’t it be better if we have a visual guide about existing fragments and components?

It’s possible that I missed a guide that’s already there, but I couldn’t find anything explaining the components in the UI Commons library.

Arguably, one could figure out how they look by the name and with trial and error. But why waste time on that when we could just have a Wiki page showing what’s there, how they look and a small code snippet saying how to use it?

This would be especially useful for common fragments that can be reused across modules. eg: Patient Header

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Would you like to volunteer by starting this page with those that you have already discovered? :slight_smile:

Yes, I’ll get started on it :slight_smile: