OpenMRS Enterprise vs Standalone Version

Application Name: OpenMRS Version Number: Enterprise vs Standalone

Question: We are in the process of downloading OpenMRS after installing latest java, tomcat & MySQL on the pc that will be used as server. We want the version to be multi user. We tried to download the Standalone version but it states “not for production use”. Also, we are not sure if the standalone version will be multi user. As this is a new area for us, we need advise from those who are familiar with the system to help us choose the right version for us at this stage. Grateful for any advise or guidance in this regard. Thank you :pray:t4:

They are both multi user. Chose the Enterprise version if you have a person who can manage both a MySQL and Tomcat instance. If you do not, then the standalone version would be an option to explore.

@dkayiwa thank you for your quick response. I wanted to install the demo mode but instead installed the starter implementation mode. Now it’s not allowing me to login using the admin and pw Admin123 because it’s indicating “location unknown” How can i proceed from here. I don’t want to get myself in a muddle. Thank for your help

Try the password of test