OpenMRS Enterprise Computer Requirements

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So, I am deploying the openmrs enterprise on different types of laptops and I discovered the installation time of the openmrs_war (initial installation) varies based on the type of computer (which is quite normal, yeah?).

However, the shocking thing is that the installation seems to be faster on lower end laptops when compared to higher end ones.

For example, the initial openmrs database installation took 9minutes on a core i3 laptop (4GB RAM) while it took about 47minutes on a core i7 laptop (8GB RAM, 7th generation).

What are the features that affect the timing for openmrs database installation?


some times the process might have hang up on your console ,pressing the enter button incase of this ensures that the process is continuous

Thanks for your response. I will give this a trial and let you know the outcome.

Although, from here the process doesn’t seem to hang at any point. The progress continues but just at a slow rate.

That could be true for just a specific uniquie case say it Depends on which specific chips, the i3 probably has a better single threaded performance than the i7 in your case , but generally i dont think its true .


Could you please state the configuration features that affect OpenMRS installation? E.g RAM size, processor?

Thanks in advance.

you can see some of the specs used in real world .

System Requirements - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki. and OpenMRS Implementation Survey 2012 - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki

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