OpenMRS Encounter Audit Module Final Presentation

Hi Everyone,

I’m posting my final presentation for the Encounter Audit Module here. It has been a great summer and I have learned a ton from my mentors Mike and Cosmin and the OpenMRS community. After spending the better part of a year as an OpenMRS implementer, it has been great to be exposed to the development side of OpenMRS. I learned a lot of the necessary technologies from the ground up and became much more fluent in other languages/frameworks. It has also been exciting to see all the great projects that other GSoC student have worked on - everyone has been doing such impressive work.

The Encounter Audit Module has met or exceeded most of the goals so far for the summer. This module needs some more work before we can release it, but I am working with my mentors on a plan to keep developing it. I’ve gotten feedback that this tool could be really useful at some implementations. If you think this module could be useful to you, I welcome your comments on how the presented workflow applies to your site and what changes would need to be made to make the module functional.

Thank you!


Key Project Accomplishments:

  • Incorporated module into OpenMRS application
  • Designed User Interface and Work Flow
  • Created Encounter Audit Projects Functionality
    • Save/recall projects
  • Enabled Sampling of Encounters via custom parameters
  • Application grabs previous encounter data
  • Enabled capture of new/audit data
  • Algorithm to compare old/new data and display differences

Other Accomplishments:

  • Learned a number of new technologies (often with little previous exposure) including: UI Framework, Groovy Server Pages, AJAX, Spring MVC, Hibernate, javascript, JQuery, REST, MySQL, AngularJS.
  • Became much more familiar with the OpenMRS community, how to contribute, and where OpenMRS resources are located.
  • Learned the workflow of OpenMRS development

Major Tasks:

  • Ability to save and update observations to encounteraudit and obs tables
  • Ability to run reports based on encounter data
  • Extra credit features


Presentation Summary:

  • Example typical data entry workflow
  • Importance of data quality
  • Project overview
  • Walk through of module and typical workflow
  • Benefits of module
  • Summary
  • Technologies learned
  • Resources
  • Acknowledgements

Video of Final Presentation

PDF of Final Presentation

GSoC Student: Stephen Po-Chedley Primary Mentor: Cosmin Ioan Backup Mentor: Michael Seaton