OpenMRS Drawing Module - New Release

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Module: Drawing Module

Module Version: pre - 1.1.0 and 2.0.0-Snapshot

System Version: 1.11 - 2.x

Issue or Question: It does not appear there are any publicly published repositories for distributions using the Drawing module from the early 2000s.

Therefore, this new version is only focusing on 2.x. I’m currently involved with the release of the new 2.0.0 version at . This version can be backported to 1.2 if need be, but won’t be if the need does not exist.

The new version utilizes a single SVG complex observation in place of the previous two separate complex obs files (image and proprietary xml files). It also offers improvements with it’s behaviour with the Attachments module, but currently only supports features needed by current implementer’s distributions that I am aware of. If you are using this module in your distribution, please respond to this post and/or add JIRA issues to add the support you require for this module.



Do we have a wiki page for this module? is the existing page for this module. I haven’t had the time to update it yet. The contains enough information to use this new version.

Do you intend to have the new release show up here?

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