OpenMRS Docs website suggestions

Hi everyone!

Recently when trying to solve a problem, I stumbled onto OpenMRS Docs website, and I have some questions/suggestions about it.

First of all, seems like there’s a small issue with it. Three buttons are unclickable. These three ones include Package, Class and Use. I’m pinning a screenshot for a better visualization.

Also, this resource was really useful for me. I found it thanks to search engine and I wish I did it earlier :smile: What do you think about adding it to the top navigation bar, so more newcomers are able to see it?

That’s generated by the Javadoc tool.

Yeah, I’ve checked it out and it seems like every Javadoc website has such an issue. What do you think about adding the link to docs to navigation bar then?

No real need – it’s reachable via the Wiki.