OpenMRS DHIS Integration - dhis report module

OpenMRS Version: OpenMRS 2.x

Question: Hi, Does anyone know where i can locate some articles/updated discussions or guide about current dhis report module state between OpenMRS to DHIS2? @maurya as well if you can possibly share any progress so far on how or where one can find resources that can be very useful for it’s use i.e like this useful pages; -

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The source code for the dhisreport module is here - The contrib folder has a documentation in this word file.

Thank you Saptarshi for the material this will be really helpful, do you as well perhaps have a demo video link as a guide to acquire more info…

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Sorry, no demo video that I’ve seen. May be @maurya or @arunima knows?

Hi @ggomez,

Presently as far as I’m aware the SHR branch is working, you can download the omod here. The updated documentation could be found here. Unfortunately i’m not aware of any video demo. But, let me know if you stumble upon any issues, I would be glad to help.

There is going to be some active development to export data to ADX format recently being implemented by DHIS2. Updates about that would be posted in this category -

Thank you for your interest @ggomez