OpenMRS Developer/EMR Expert

OpenMRS Developer to set up OpenMRS system for a small startup and import several hundred medical records from Picnic Health.

I represent a small rare disease network with roughly 200 patients that have signed up to contribute to finding a cure for their rare disease. We are considering setting up an Open MRS system and allowing companies to search our patient list to find patients that qualify for their medical trials.

The basic tasks are:

  1. Set up an OpenMRS system.
  2. Import EHR (Electronic Health Records) from Picnic Health into OpenMRS.
  3. Modify the OpenMRS system to have a medical records search form.
  4. Modify the OpenMRS system so that a specified set of users has access to the medical records search form.
  5. Possibly rebrand the system with our disease network (not sure of the legal issues here) —at this point we are ready provide this service to companies –
  6. Further modify the system to add Natural Language and other AI search components to the medical record.

Location is flexible–we are local to San Francisco. We are a small, fast moving startup. We are looking for someone to start immediately and work hard. We are looking to fill a short term need. When we hit step 5 above there is the possibility to roll off the project but our hope would be that you would be interested in a full-time position as we are looking at OpenMRS to form the foundation for our EHR structure.

Our expectation is that you will be:

  1. experienced with OpenMRS and related technologies
  2. Java
  3. JavaScript
  4. Postgress
  5. EHR Standards
  6. Clinical Studies
  7. Motivation trumps everything

Pay depending on experience.

Please contact dwurry■■■■■■■■■■

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