OpenMRS demo URL should lead to O3 (not O2 anymore)


@grace, @burke, others… :wave:

I’m sure you will agree that it’s clear by now that O3 has sailed and there is no way back. Therefore I would like to suggest that all promotion of OpenMRS leads to O3 by default.

Specifically here I’m thinking of stuff like and anything of that sort. I feel strongly that we should make folks look for O2 if they need to, and not have folks fall on O2 by accident or by default.

In short, in terms of URLs, I’m saying:

And of course the other way around:

Please don’t remind me that it will create CI/CD issues, I unfortunately know that. My suggestion here is of strategic nature, and I would hope that we get an early community agreement to finally move past O2, before propagating it carefully technically while minimising disruption.


I support. It is time to make the changes


I agree. It’s not urgent but I agree it’s time :slight_smile: @dkayiwa & @jayasanka you know much better than I do where all the link changes will have an impact - who do you think should lead executing this transition?


Historically, has had full/final releases. Now that O3 is still at a beta stage, do we still want to go ahead before the final release? I am not opposed to it, i just wanted to confirm. :slight_smile:

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The other thing is that I would strongly advise we don’t rename dev3. First, there is no O2 equivalent (dev3 exists to support the frontend MF development pattern). Second, renaming it will likely be disruptive to anyone working on O3, as it means that they will need to update to the newest version of the framework.

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That’s a very good point @dkayiwa. We should definitely hold off until we have a first full release.

Totally agree once the full release is available! :rocket:

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