OpenMRS demo is down

Hi, I just browsed through OpenMRS demo and I was down. Check this screenshot hope it fixes soon

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cc: @cintiadr @dkayiwa

same here .

Same here .

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Thanks @prathamesh009

It is back now. working…

The demo server goes down frequently. I’d say at least once or twice a week.

While we reset it daily, my hypothesis is that users frequently input data that triggers bugs in OpenMRS, but there was never a developer interested in debugging those problems.

So while I receive the alarm, I just wait for demo to restart on schedule. If there’s a new dev interested on the logs the next times it happens, I can provide access.

This is something that i would like to look into. For the demo server is going down more than i have ever seen.

I don’t think it has. As I receive all the notifications when it goes down for more than a couple of minutes, that’s something I’ve been seeing for a while.

That said, I never stopped to schedule downtime for all the things, so it’s hard to actually collect that data from pingdom.

@cintiadr i would be happy to look at the logs, the next time it happens. :slight_smile:

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