openmrs default login error

Application Name: Platform Version Number: 2.2.0

Question: Hi,

I’m having trouble logging in to the OpenMRS system. I’ve tried various combinations of the username and password with admin, Admin123, test, and superman, but none of them are working. Is there another username or password I should try?

INFO - HibernateContextDAO.authenticate(204) |2017-08-31 12:02:21,678| Failed login attempt (login=admin) - Invalid username and/or password: admin INFO - HibernateContextDAO.authenticate(204) |2017-08-31 12:02:27,890| Failed login attempt (login=admin) - Invalid username and/or password: admin

Thanks, Jordan

Check the database “user_property” table for the number of “loginAttempts” that corresponds with this user_id

The loginAttempts is 4.

Which type of installation are you using? Is it the standalone version?

No, I was following the manual installation in

If this is not a production database, and you forgot the admin password that you specified for the openmrs database setup wizard, then you can just drop the database and do a fresh installation.

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Hello @dkayiwa I am also getting this after I trying to add a column in location table.

I have added the changeSet in liquibase 2.0

@atiq is there any reason why you did not use Location Attributes?

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@dkayiwa, my problem started from

and degenerated to the below I can’t login both my bahmni and openmrs. plese help

Resolved. Thanks all