OpenMRS Core Ticket --> TRUNK-5371

Application Name: OpenMRS Core [TRUNK-5371] Add Method level comments for missing methods in Format class

Version Number: Fix version and Affects version → None

Question: I just wanted to hop on here to ask a very simple question, is the ticket specified above still open for work? Some of my friends and I have been trying to make contributions to OpenMRS through JIRA, but when we make questions for specifications on a particular ticket we never hear back from those in charge. I was therefore wondering if this ticket is even alive to begin with. Clarification on this would be very helpful, thank you!

@pamela22 kindly which kind of help do you need exactly?

I just claimed this issue once I saw it was ready for work, and I was wondering if there are any guidelines for how to format the comments required. Also, I noticed that I would be making changes a file that is part of the TRUNK, so are there specific steps that I should take to commit to the core as effectively as possible? Thank you!

@pamela22 first to commit to the core,

  • Fork the core repository after signing into your github account.

  • Clone from your fork to any given directory on your machine i.e desktop, /c

  • Navigate in the project directory and create a new branch using git checkout -b TRUNK-5371 command

  • On your IDE, click on file → import ->maven project ->existing maven project ->next(search for the cloned core project folder) → select all the folder and click finish.

  • To fix this ticket, kindly ensure in the format class, all the methods have the required comments.

    *Add the changes on your branch using git add <file name>

  • Run git commit -m"TRUNK-5371:Add method level comments for missing methods in Format class"

  • Run git push

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Amazing thank you! Is there any particular way that comments should be written out, when I do write them?

@pamela22 kindly feel free to reach out to the community I desire to help but am having a problem with internet. You can’t believe it has taken me 5hours just to post the above. Kindly forgive me.

@herbert24, @sharif @kdaud , @jnsereko kindly help for Pamela please!

I wouldn’t mind having a call with you just incase you are still stack after fixing my device.

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I appreciate it. Hopefully your internet connection is fixed soon!

@pamela22 kindly let me know if you still need help.

I will be working on this later today, but I still don’t know what the comment format should look like, are there any requirements?

Could this link be of help? Code Conventions for the Java Programming Language: 5. Comments. The community has this convention for java

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This is perfect! I appreciate it.

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