OpenMRS Core Throws Exception

I’ve noticed that once I imported OpenMRS core into Eclipse, I see two nested modules marked with errors. The modules are; openmrs-api and openmrs-webapp.
How can I overcome this blocker

just didnot get your question about the openmrs trunk

Have edited the description of the issue

Try to build the core locally with “mvn clean install -U” , and unless it fails , thats when it will be a problem. Incase the build is succesful , ignore the red error marks, some times its an error with some eclipse plugins

Running it locally works fine but am interested in working on a Trunk ticket which I think i needed to import openMRS core into my IDE to get started
cc: @mozzy

@kdaud are still bocked ?

@sharif I know its concerned with some missing eclipse plugin though have not figured it out which one exactly is missing. Following the node of the error is in pom.xml configuration file

Share your pom.xml file using

What if you first import the project in eclipse, create a branch and run “mvn clean install” then share the error log if it does exist.

Here is the error logo

what takes place when you try to build these modules

The module builds successfully when i run “mvn clean install” against the openmrs-core

so it means you are good to go!!

Fixed after updating the pom.xml.
Thanks folks

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