Openmrs Core throws an Exception During Installation

After deploying openmrs war file successfully in Tomcat Web Application Manager, the wizard fails to install when trying to create database though Mysql is running. Here is the error log


Have you had look at this and that?

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@kdaud according to your error,am seeing some thing to do with the password,have you been vigilant at that?

@herbert24 The password is entered is the root password I use when accessing Mysql database

@mozzy I went through the two threads and they were of help though it didn’t address my exception well

@mozzy, @herbert24. The error occurs when the process reaches this step shared in the log below

@mozzy, Have created another user in Mysql and tried to enter its password at the stage where the process prompts to enter the password but the same exception is thrown

Try to check if the database is already created in MySQL…

@reagan the database does not exist after running this sql statement [SHOW DATABASES]

@kdaud could you try creating a new database in the names of “openmrs” in mysql then re-run your tomcat via command line again.! that should work

@lgilbert the same error occurs during the last step of installation as before

can u paste your error log here

@kdaud have you confirmed that your mysql is up and running?

@lgilbert tomcat starts successfully on command line as well. Mysql is up and running. Am failing to find out the cause of the issue. I shared the log error in the snapshots as shown in the above threads

@kdaud when you check your available databases don’t you see any database in the names of “openmrs” created?

Well the one that now exists is the one that I created in Mysql as suggested in your first response

well you can follow this OpenMRS showing database connection error it will help you.

I took time to read through the threads provided by @lgilbert, @reagan, @herbert24, @mozzy! I decided to re-run Mysql and OpenMRS - Enterprise version But the same error occurs. Could their be a file that needs to be edited? Or. Actually am installing Openmrs Enterprise installation NOT standalone installation. cc: @ruhanga, @irenyak1

Are you trying to use the generated war file from your IDE or downloaded version? if thats the case, I would suggest you re-run the project afresh. By this I mean deleting all the generated openmrs files in the following directories. C:\Users[user-name].m2\repository\org and C:\Users\user-name\AppData\Roaming. there after start again from scratch

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@kdaud , to get a little step backward , what is the use case for you to deploy the war file in tomcat ?? i would suggest you install openmrs standalone , its quick way to start up