OpenMRS Core server error

I am trying to build the server application using mvn clean package but i am getting following error while building it. Can anyone guide me here

@rishabhagarwal997 sir which os are you using.

linux ubuntu

@rishabhagarwal997 sir which java version are you using.

java version “1.8.0_201”

@dkayiwa sir anything you can do about it ???

Your java version seems fine. It is out my knowledge now.

it is failing for two particular tests, rest everthing seems fine. Lets wait for others to reply

I’ll try running test on latest commit, an let you know if the problem is from your end or software end

After investigating, the problem is that in, the Unable to get jar file Module: test2-1.0-SNAPSHOT.omod and all other modules are not found. How to fix this

@rishabhagarwal997 , Can you please paste the server side Logs in or a related service ??

error_logs.txt (17.5 KB)

Remove space from the folder OpenMRS Server and then compile again.

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