openmrs-core and Transifex

core does not appear to be in Transifex. Should I make directly to the file? (I want to add French translations to the core module.)

Hi @ball,

This is OpenMRS Core in Transifex:

I would assume that we should avoid committing files directly (other than the en_US one).

Who had privileges to write translations for openmrs-core? Not me.

@mogoodrich and I are unable to save translations for the openmrs-core module although we have privileges for other OpenMRS modules (see image. “The resource of this source string is not accepting translations.”). When I click on the OpenMRS Core project there’s a lock icon next to it and it says that it isn’t accepting translations at this moment.

@mksd Thanks. The link is helpful since openmrs-core didn’t show up in the list of OpenMRS modules.


We currently do not use transifex to translate the core You must edit these directly (including things other than en_US).

We might want to start doing core translations in transifex also, but someone would need to take the time to set this up.

Sorry @ball if I misled you here, I assumed that if Core was in Transifex that was it!

Is there a reason we have Core in Transifex if we are not using it? I assume we started to set it up at some point but never completed it?

Thanks for your help with this @mksd @darius @mogoodrich.

Any chance that organizing the files and migrated to Transifex would be a good task for GCI?

I made the a pull-request with the changes directly on the openmrs-core file.

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Yes that sounds like a very good idea.

Hi @ball, I commented here (too late…) on your commit. As we are also involved in bringing in French translations through our implementation in Haiti I want to say that I’m always happy to help review French translations that will impact messages used in Haiti (and elsewhere anyway).