Hello, Am getting this error in Openmrs-core porn.xml dependence which can’t be found. Its coming from the version of net.sf.ehcache ( Most of the time I have to lower the version to for the build to be successful. Here is the error log [ERROR] COMPILATION ERROR : [INFO] ------------------------------------------- -

CC: @herbert24

@abertnamanya have you made any change in the module?

No, That’s the master Branch

You might have messed up with some files unknowingly. Do you mind to clone a fresh module and build it to see if all is well?

I just cloned afresh, Still the same issue. But I don’t think its coming from any changes. Please look through my Repo: GitHub - abertnamanya/openmrs-core: OpenMRS API and web application code

Are you able to share a full log for the build via

Check out the link

Try out this solution whether it may help: Delete the folder named located at .m2/repository/net/sf/ehcache/ehcache/ and then build the module again.


It works like a charm. Thanks @kdaud

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