OpenMRS-Core Build Failure on openmrs-api

Application Name: OpenMRS-Core 2.2.0 Snapshot (Master Branch) Version Number: 2.2.0

Question: I cloned the master branch of OpenMRS-Core from github and it is failing to build on openMRS-API because maven can not find the dependencies related to liquibase and reflectutils. I am using java version “1.8.0_192” and Maven version “3.6.0”.

"Failed to execute goal on project openmrs-api: Could not resolve dependencies for project org.openmrs.api:openmrs-api:jar:2.2.0-SNAPSHOT: The following artifacts could not be resolved: org.azeckoski:reflectutils:jar:0.9.14, org.openmrs.liquibase.ext:modify-column:jar:2.0.2, org.openmrs.liquibase.ext:identity-insert:jar:1.2.1, org.openmrs.liquibase.ext:type-converter:jar:1.0.1: Failure to find org.azeckoski:reflectutils:jar:0.9.14 in artifactory was cached in the local repository, resolution will not be reattempted until the update interval of artifactory has elapsed or updates are forced "

Solved: I updated my maven settings.xml file in the .m2 folder to the one found on the wiki instead of the one for my organization and the dependencies were able to be found.

Link to settings.xml file