OpenMRS Core 2.4.0 Installation Wizard Freezes at 99%

OpenMRS Core Installation Wizard 2.4.0

Question: I am currently trying to run the OpenMRS server to complete a developer installation. When I run the server on my terminal I am successfully given a link that open up the OpenMRS Core 2.4.0 Installation Wizard. The installation is very smooth, but when it reaches 99% everything freezes. I am trying to complete this installation on a virtual machine that uses Ubuntu 20.04, so if anybody else has encountered this problem please feel free to comment. Thank you!

Oh sorry! actually the process has not frozen the program is running at the backend and at that %age you have to be patient because it takes good time to get the output depending on how first your internet is.

Oh okay! I left it running yesterday for an hour and I wasn’t sure if that was normal🤔

Its fine! actually you were right to think so because the speed it moves from 0-98% is superb but afterwards you need patience of a saint. Otherwise, you are on the right track.

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Actually, thats how I also felt when I was installing it on my PC but you just have to be patient. It actually runs after some time. Feel free. Don’t worry. Throw a feedback when something goes wrong.

I got this error after the install finished today🥺

The JDBCConnectionException is thrown because by default, Hibernate uses its internal database connection pool library. That means it keeps a database connection open to be reused later. And MySQL database server has a timeout value for each connection (default is 8 hours or 28,800 seconds). So if a connection has been idle longer than this timeout value, it will be dropped by the server.Therefore, when the Java database application has been idle longer than MySQL server’s connection timeout value, and the end user tries to connect again, Hibernate reuses the idle connection which was already dropped by the server, hence JDBCConnectionException is thrown. To fix the JDBCConnectionException, kindly look closely at the exception stack trace on your terminal, you will see some suggestions to fix the problem.

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