OpenMRS considerations for large hospital.


We are considering OpenMRS as an option for a Hospital Information Systems at a large charity hospital.

Users Physicians: 400 Nursing & Others: 800 Administrative Staff: 800

Patient Encounters ( last year ) Outpatient: 425,000 Emergency: 125,000 Inpatient Admission: 50,000 Surgical procedures: 100,000

Has OpenMRS implemented in clinical setting of this scale ?

Any rough estimates what sort of hardware requirements we are looking at or any guide to estimate hardware requirements?

We plan to host the system on a cloud platform ( AWS , Azure ). Any implementations using cloud services?

Any links for relatable implementations would be very helpful.

Thanks, Yousuf

Hi @yahmed, and welcome!

Yep, looks like quite a large endeavor indeed. Yes, we have implemented at such a scale (and probably larger). I’m going to CC @burke who is involved in the AMPATH effort [0]. Burke should be able to consult. Also, this might be a suitable topic for a design call where you could talk about your expectations, and have a broader audience answer them in real time? we’d love to be involved and help you along :slight_smile:



Thanks @surangak for the quick reply.

Can you share any comparable site where it has been implemented and who would be the right person to contact to get some insight?

I am very interested to know on how to calculate implementation cost.

Thanks, Yousuf

there is more information on current distributions at

that may help you. There are other facilities at the current time that are also considering implementing OpenMRS Platform/some reference application at large hospitals. There are, IMO, some constraints related to integration of biomedical devices into OpenMRS and frequency of data points ( this is not unique to OpenMRS as a HIT system). Partners in Health is using OpenMRS in their ICU in Haiti. Your clinical requirements in high intensity settings would impact the hardware/scaleability ( for instance, continuous vital monitoring and recording) and hosting options. A design call would be a great opportunity to discuss your needs.

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Thanks @surangak and @terry.

So for the design call, do I need to schedule it or do something to get on the agenda or I can just join the next call or Monday/Wednesday?

Thanks Yousuf

Hi @yahmed,

At MKS we provide OpenMRS as a Cloud service. We currently service a small/medium size hospital in Laos, and are about to start a new implementation at a rural clinic in Cambodia. We also are in talks with a much larger hospital (actually comparable in size to your facility) for yet another implementation. I would be happy to share our experience with you and discuss the production use of OpenMRS as a Cloud service.

I will also try to join the design call as I am sure that listening to your requirements will provide to be very insightful.

As you can imagine, running OpenMRS as a Cloud service requires a certain level of Internet connectivity. Certainly not first tier Internet connectivity (since this can be done in countries like Cambodia and Laos) but a decent Internet connectivity nonetheless. If that’s something that you can disclose, where is the hospital located? Or if not, what kind of Internet connection options are available to it?

– Dimitri

you do need to schedule the design call

@jthomas can help you with this

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@yahmed @mksd you are always welcome to join design calls to talk about your topics but we do try to schedule them ahead of time to make get the right people on the phone for the discussion. Monday, November 7th (4-5pm UTC) we are scheduled to talk about OCL for OpenMRS Drug Formulations but Wednesday, November 9th (7-8pm UTC) is still open though if that works with your schedules. Are there certain people you would like to make sure are on the call to contribute to the discussion?

Wed Nov 9th @ 7-8pm UTC works for me. However this is rather @yahmed’s call. Personally I will do my best to align and attend when the call schedule is set.

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@jthomas , @mksd

Nov 9th works for me.
I am not sure which individuals would be helpful.

At this stage we are only concerned if this is doable. Which based on other responses, it certainly is.

So again looking for what could be some issues to watch out for.

Secondly need advice on how to figure out hardware requirements.

Thanks, Yousuf

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@darius, would you be interested to join this call?

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I will join.

Thank you all in setting up the call and joining it.

It was very useful discussion.

Thanks Yousuf