OpenMRS connected to LIS

Hi OpenMRS Community,

Dr. Ray Aller from the College of American Pathologists is interested in OpenMRS implementation that have connected to a Lab Information System. He is compiling a list of lab options for low resources settings.

We’ve talked to @burke about AMPATH’s system, and we’ve looked at the modules described on the wiki. If you are an implementation using a lab system, would you mind describing what you are using?

Thank you!!

fyi: @dvreeman, @terry

The Bahmni distribution integrates OpenELIS.

Implementations listed at (though not all of these have the LIS option enabled).

Thank you, @darius!

AMPATH integrates with and has used PCS for close to a decade for a reference (busy) laboratory. PCS makes RESTful calls to OpenMRS for patient lookup in order to get valid patient identifiers and then spits out HL7 v2 messages to OpenMRS for result reporting.

Can you share the installation link for openmrs to openelis

You will need to install Bahmni package. It comes with its own OpenMRS instance that connects with OpenELIS. You can then see if your modules can be dropped into its packaged OpenMRS.

Thank Gsluthra , But I need to Windows-7 Installation guide and package.