openmrs: command not found

Hei everyone

  • What probably causes this error : openmrs: command not found
  • How do I check to see whether openmrs is installed ?

Dear @josephkagimu1 which command are you trying to run.

There are two ways of installing openmrs

  1. using Sdk OpenMRS SDK Step By Step Tutorials - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki
  2. using docker Installing OpenMRS on Docker - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki please read through those links they will guide on how to solve your issue

@josephkagimu1 there are several causes of the error command not found:

  1. Mispell error - kindly ensure you check for:
  • Spelling mistake
  • Spaces among command and the various options
  • Incorrect interchange of characters like 1 with I or l
  • Interchanging of uppercase letters with lowercase letters
  1. Package Not Installed on your system or has been corrupted. To verify if the package is installed in your system, run the following command in Terminal: pkg –s package-name In case the package is missing from the system, then you will have to install.

  2. Path Is Not Correct: When a user enters a command, the system searches for it in all locations it knows and when it does not find the command in the searched locations, it returns the error. you can find the path of the command where it is installed by using “which” or “whereis” command i.e whereis apt-openmrs.

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thanks @abertnamanya for your guidance

@jwnasambu I love your maximum effort , as you directed me , I ran pkg -s openmrs to check its installation status ! . it failed => Unknown command "pkg" any other alternative if possible ?

@josephkagimu1 kindly feel free to look at this link shell script - Mac OS X how to verify particular packages are installed - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange.