openmrs-client/schemas modifies automatically

I am pretty new to the Android Client codebase and was trying figure out the code by testing on my device and trying to find bugs. When I did a git status it mentioned, modified:openmrsclient/schemas/

I don’t know if I triggered the modification or it occurred automatically. Either way please can someone explain how it happened?


@joelrec0il99 That means you’ve modified a Room entity or two and triggered a Gradle build. If you didn’t intend to do it, just pull the latest changes from master or reset by git reset --hard upstream master , where upstream is a remote that points to the repository .

oh ok thanks for the help! @f4ww4z

@f4ww4z it occured again and it occured automatically so it should be in the .gitignore right?

We’d like to export our database schema so that we can keep the history of its versions. It shouldn’t be in .gitignore . Schema changes are fine if your changes are related to the Room entities.

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thanks for clarifying my doubt.