OpenMRS CDA Generator Final Presentation

Hi all,

I have spent quality time this summer learning many new things. I would like to thank the community for giving me an opportunity to work on this project. It was a wonderful experience which helped me grow a lot.

I am grateful to my mentor @surangak for his help and support all this summer.

Here is my final presentation for OpenMRS CDA Generator Module. We have achieved our goal of generating a CDA document.

The contents of the presentation are

  • Quick Introduction
  • Project Description
  • Overall accomplishment
  • Next steps for the project
  • Demo of the module
  • Take away from GSOC


Wiki Page:

Source Code:

Blog url :

Generated CDA Message :

CDA Message with NULL Observations :

Presentation Slides :

Thanks for giving your valuable time watching this video.

Please feel free to give your comments and suggestions :smile: