OpenMRS Camp 2015 leadership retreat is coming!

Do you consider yourself an OpenMRS leader right now? Do you think you’d be up for the challenge if given the right opportunity? Apply today to attend our 2nd annual OpenMRS Camp leadership retreat!

You may have heard news recently about our new community leadership model, and you may have seen our “work in progress” diagram of leadership opportunities and been interested in stepping up and volunteering. You may have even volunteered for one or more roles already. And some of you are already active in leadership roles today. OpenMRS Camp is for people like you!

OpenMRS Camp is a 3.5-day leadership retreat for the OpenMRS Community. Its purpose is to focus on building strategies for growing the community and ensuring its success. The event is structured in BarCamp style, where participants lead sessions (most of which will be proposed in advance) to share knowledge and ideas with others. Goals of the event include:

  • Strengthening relationships between OpenMRS leaders
  • Planning strategic goals of OpenMRS
  • Improving thought & design leadership, as well as operational leadership of the project
  • Mentoring and helping new leaders understand and plan their contributions
  • Strengthening strategic partnerships between OpenMRS and other organizations/projects

As a leadership retreat, OpenMRS Camp is designed for volunteers who serve the OpenMRS Community in various leadership roles, and those working on strategic planning with the OpenMRS Community. Anyone in these roles can apply to attend via the waitlist. And as we always do, we’ll document the event publicly for those who aren’t able to attend to learn about the work that is done & decisions made during camp.

This year’s annual OpenMRS Camp is scheduled for 28-31 October 2015 in the United States. If you are interested in applying to attend, and for more information, please see the event registration/application page for details: