OpenMRS Calendars

Actually, I think it’s better to have an “OpenMRS Calendar” that is owned & shared by our G Suite organization. I added an OpenMRS Calendar, copied our weekly meetings to it, and gave you admin access to it. Unfortunately, I don’t see a way to make it editable by all ■■■■■■■■■■■■ users, but we should be liberal with granting “Make changes to events” privileges to people in the community.

OpenMRS Calendar

iCal link (or via HTML Events & Meetings (OpenMRS Calendar) - Resources - OpenMRS Wiki (GMT), OpenMRS Calendar, OpenMRS Calendar, OpenMRS Calendar, OpenMRS Calendar

FYI – I corrected the time zones for meetings (using “Ghana/UTC” for meetings that do not follow daylight savings time and “US Eastern” for meetings that currently shift with daylight savings time) and updated the descriptions with more appropriate links & descriptions. I also added OSCON and our remaining scheduled Dev Forum.

@jeffneiman: Please delete your BETA calendar. I’ll try to hunt down the other OpenMRS Events calendar and delete it.

@kwurst: Could you share a link to the “OpenMRS Community Meetings” Google calendar you mentioned? I’d like to delete that one as well

Please confirm that you can access the new “OpenMRS Calendar”. If it’s working as expected, we can start cleaning up the wiki.

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