OpenMRS Atlas - what's the right site?

@burke - I’m curious, what’s the difference between and

The data on both appear to be different (eg: the former shows no sites in India and the latter shows 20 sites in India). @ball

Please note: I have updated my contact information & OMRS ID to reflect my recent name change from Neha Goel to Neha Verma. Please take a moment to update my contact information. Thank you!

Could it be because atlas will by default obscure locations without recent updates? Have you tried disabling the fading?

@cintiadr I can’t interact these dashboards in any way including adding any kind of filters, disabling fading, etc. They appear to be static and view only.

Who is managing their hosting?

Really, @nehav? You cannot use the menus?

Screen Shot 2020-03-06 at 3.00.32 pm

It’s a first. I haven’t received complaints about it before.

We host it, so I’m managing the hosting.

On, click on View > Fading in the menu to unselect fading out sites that haven’t been updated in over 2.5 years.

Is this still not working for you? I’ve verified it works as expected for me on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. If not, what browser & version are you using?