OpenMRS Atlas API Query

Hello OpenMRS Community!

I need to query a list of contact names, email addresses, and implementation names from each of the OpenMRS implementations displayed here:

Does anyone know of a script that I can run against this map to return the metadata associated with the dropped pins?

Any guidance or feedback provided is appreciated.

@burke can export that data if needed, but my first question would be why are you looking for all the contacts?


Thanks for the response.

I am working with Rafal Korytkowski on a reporting initiative. We want to reach out to the implementers of OpenMRS to solicit their feedback on requirements that will be considered with respect to our evaluation of Kibana:

…as a potential reporting platform for OpenMRS.

Rafal is going to screen the list of contact names before we send anything out. I suspect he will narrow the list down before we survey.

If there is no script available, we can ask Burke, but I did not want to trouble him if there is a simple call available.

Cool - I have a recent download we used for the annual report. I can share that list with you. PM me your email address and I can send it over to you.


My email address is tomhealy68■■■■■■■■■■.

Thank you for sending along the list.