OpenMRS at PennApps XII


I have been selected to hack at PennApps XII, which is among the largest student run hackathons in the States. This year 2000 hackers from around the globe will be attending the event and collaborating to produce innovative software and hardware solutions to real-world problems

The event is scheduled to run from September 4th-6th and I would like to make the most of my time spent there. I feel this would be a great opportunity for me to introduce as many developers as I can to OpenMRS and engage high performing developers to contribute to our community.

I myself was introduced to OpenMRS in a similar way at FOSSAsia 2015 and I am really glad I met @michael and @harshadura I could use guidance on how best to represent and promote OpenMRS at the PennApps hackathon.


Congratulations @maany! I hadn’t heard about this one before, but it sounds very exciting:

Let me read up on it and its format a bit, and we’ll use this topic for discussing some ideas.

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@michael cool !! Let me know if you require anything from my end :smiley:

@maany Thanks for your great work Mayank! Congrats.

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