Openmrs-API failure with mvn

Am working on TRUNK-5000 and this is the error am getting when I run the test. What could be the cause?


sorry @jwnasambu about that, hope this can help

The build is successful after running “mvn clean install -DskipTests=true” command. Thanks @ruhanga

of-course skipping those tests doesn’t solve things. run mvn -X clean install to get details on failing tests

Ok thanks let me do it right away

@k.joseph and @ruhanga this is the error I get after runing mvn -X clean install. How can I go about it. I have tried to solve all in vain.

could you try writing the steps that you had done here!!

I made the changes then run mvn clean install command which resulted to this error but after running “mvn clean install -DskipTests=true” the build was successful. I then run mvn -X clean install to confirm the error and this is what I got

changes in which classes and what did you introduce in those classes?

My build was failing from the beginning after doing what the ticket required until I realized there was an extra bracket. After removing the extra bracket that is what I got

include the entire log

@jwnasambu, when you run maven clean install with the -DskipTests=true it will skip the tests and that doesnt help . it doesnt mean that the problem has been solved

@jwnasambu, did it build succesfully before you added any local changes??. if not , first ensure the build is succesfull before you add any local change. if it was succesfull, the the test is failing because of your local changes … we can just have a look at the changes you made then.

@k.joseph this is the error log

No it wasn’t building

so the first step, lets ensure it builds succesfully when u have just freshly cloned it , before any of your local changes.

is this the error log , before any of your changes??

After changes are made

@jwnasambu, the reason why i emphasize , building it succesfully before any local change is made , is to make sure whther the error you reported is due to your local changes or corrupt downloaded dependencies or some thing else

OK thanks let me do it