OpenMRS Annual Report 2019

We are pleased to share our fifth OpenMRS Annual Report with you. As a result of your commitment and contributions to our community, we have seen remarkable growth in recent years. Since our first Annual Report in 2015, we have seen implementations go from 1,149 sites serving 5.1 million patients to 5,485 sites serving 12.6 million patients in 2019. This is truly remarkable progress that increases our impact on healthcare service delivery.

With this report, we share a small sample of this community’s many achievements, from the approaches taken by two countries to scale OpenMRS to the 74 developers actively committing code to the inspirational women contributing to critical work happening in our community.

We are grateful for all that you do for our community, every day and everywhere. Thank you for your passion and your commitment to our community.


Thanks for the comprehensive report. It’s encouraging.

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Thanks @Jennifer for such a nice report.

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