OpenMRS android client requirements

I am interested in testing and integrating OpenMRS android client with KenyaEMR. Could someone provide me with information regarding:

  1. Minimum requirements to be in place for the app to work.
  2. Dependencies. Does it depend on reference app or it can work with other distributions of OpenMRS?
  3. What changes if any required to make it work with other distributions of OpenMRS.

I will appreciate any help/feedback on this. @dkayiwa Antony.

@shivtej do you have any response to this?

Hi @aojwang, thanks for your interest.

You can find requirements for Android Client here:

Android Client only uses REST APIs by OpenMRS Servers, so AFAIK you only need to install REST module to make it work.

Android Client does use the core APIs (like registering patients, starting visits, adding vitals, etc) provided by OpenMRS servers but as they are the core APIs, I don’t think it will change much in distribution, so, yes - I guess Android Client should able to work with other distribution of OpenMRS.

Thanks @shivtej and @dkayiwa. This is good news to me and I will read more about the requirements on the link you have provided. Could you also explain to me how you load forms from the EMR? KenyaEMR has a form manager class which loads forms and I would like to know if it would still be fine.

I will test and provide feedback.