Openmrs android client not opening

Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone has the same problem as me when opening the openmrs android client after downloading from the play store where the application does not start at all with the error " Unfortunately, OpenMRS Android Client has stopped" and with two options to report or just click “OK” and end the application. I have installed it on three different devices with no success.

On a different note, after downloading the war for advanced installation and installing it, after installing a module (in the reference application addons folder) I am stuck with “uploading 100%” which never goes away.

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@magp could you install the android application from cloning the app from the android client repo. The strange Issue was with the release version of the app and is fixed now. and will be uploaded onto the app store with the next release. @rishabh997 @f4ww4z


I was busy with university quizzes… will update the app on playstore this week… The problem will be fixed as stated by saurabh… regarding the problem with reference application, you should create a different thread because the title does not matches with your problem in reference application… @magp

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Thank you both very much. I will start a new thread for the second problem.