OpenMRS Android Client 2.9.x Project

Hi, @f4ww4z
I’m Bhavana Vasireddy pursuing my bachelor’s degree at KL educational Foundation,India. I’m interested to work with OpenMRS Android Client 2.9.x Project i already had some experience on android application development and java and some abstract related content so i’m willing to join this project. these are the platforms where i posted my projects


thanks @bhavana22 for expressing interest

you can have a look at and

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Thanks :blush: I’ll look into those

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@bhavana22 plus GSoC 2020: Warm up practices for students

Hello! This is Sarthak Mishra, pre final year student of B.E from Siddaganga Institute of technology, Bangalore, India. I am really interested to take up this OpenMRS Android Client 2.9.x Project working for OpenMRS in these summers with GSOC 2020. My works on Android i.e apps(“ScriptInk”, “SIT Placement”) with around 1k users, are deployed on Play Store, Google Assistant(“Dr. Neural Stats”) and related skill on Amazon Alexa(“Neurological Facts”).

I’ve already started working upon the issues on OpenMRS android client by forking the repo from github. Hope to get this opportunity to work with OpenMRS.

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i’m getting an error while installing the server this is my error can you help me with this? : ERROR jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/server1?autoReconnect=true&sessionVariables=default_storage_engine%3DInnoDB&useUnicode=true&characterEncoding=UTF-8 -> [Help 1]

Can you share the command that you’ve run and also paste the error log in and share the link here?

i’ts ok i juts resolved it. sorry for the inconvenience

Great job @sarthaksarm keep going feel free to come back to u for any queryy

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Thank you…

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@varung31 @aman Please have a look and guide me

  1. Downloaded the Standalone version
  2. Unzipped the “demodatabase” into the current folder
  3. Opened openmrs-standalone (executable jar file)
  4. Moved to “Demonstration mode”
  5. Then processing started to open the app but in my laptop," OpenMRS is not able to start" appeared I followed the video in which it is downloading properly but not happening in my system.

I am not sure about why the error is occurring but you can try to build the OpenMRS SDK instead and see if you can get it up and running.

If you are trying to set up standalone version, have a look here

If you are trying to get set up your developer environment, have a look here

what does the artifact id mean?

I guess you are new to maven. Go through the docs to clear your doubts regarding pom.xml file