OpenMRS Android Client 2.7.2 released!


After ~4 months of hard work on v2.7, we are proud to release the latest subversion: 2.7.2 ! :dizzy: :tada:

A ton of new features added:

  • Codecov, a tool to measure code coverage
  • Migrate to AndroidX
  • Fixed bad network requests
  • Fix crashes
  • Show more useful Toast messages
  • Improved the app’s logger - huge performance boost
  • Follow material design
  • …and many more.

We also created a privacy policy, and made the app 64-bit compliant. With a lot of bugs fixed, network calls improved, the app is much more stable. :grinning:

App is available for download in our releases page. :point_left:

We’re actively trying to get this version on the Play store, but there were some issues with configuring publisher plugin. Any updates on this will be posted here.

We can’t thank you enough for all the devs that delivered top quality code, we really appreciate it! @deepak140596 (A.C. GSoC '19 student), @abdelaty @vansha10 @codepoet2017390 @vankineenitawrun @tarekalabd @madhurgupta10 @rimjhim @aggarwalpulkit @ss9868 @haripriya @heliostrike and @gelassen . You guys brought the repo back to life!


Congratulations :smile:


Congratulations everyone!


Awesome work! Please keep the fire burning. :slight_smile:

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well done @f4ww4z