OpenMRS Android Client 2.5 released!


For last month we were working on OpenMRS Android Client. Now we are happy to announce version 2.5 of this App! :tada:

New Features:

  • Log in offline
  • Coded fields in forms
  • Edit forms
  • Edit patients
  • Many layout changes See More

We also introduced way to unit test presenters (we applied MVP pattern in v2.4) and removed tons of bugs, so client is much more stable and reliable now :slight_smile:

We were working on that application as @SolDevelo team with HUGE support that came from community developers: @ykarim250 and @shivtej - Big thanks to these guys, they did great work and implemented some top quality solutions into Android Client code :slight_smile:

Application is allready available on Google Play store :slight_smile:


This is great work guys! A big thank you note to the @SolDevelo team, @ykarim250, @shivtej and every one who has made this a success! :clap:


Glad to be a part of it :smile: . Thanks, @tmarzeion and @dkayiwa

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on pressing form entry button on my android client , nothing comes up … am not able to capture vitals or fill in other forms …

am able to sync my application with both demo server and my openmrs reference application and am able to download data and register patient … but fail to capture vitals or enter visit… kindly help …thanks

@anupam Do you have the xforms module installed? And also are you able to enter in the vitals forms via the web client?

yes…am able to enter vitals via web client .

hmm…ok will download xforms module and get back

ok …even on downloading xforms module ,it fails tries to" download patient data and forms" and then shows “unable to save encounter”

works alright with demo server

what are pre-requisites for android client to work …apart from xforms module ? will also try with reference application 2.5

Hey @anupam

To be able to capture vitals You need to define vitals form resource on your server. To define form resource:

  1. Go to Advanced Administration
  2. Go to Manage Forms
  3. Add Form 3a. Type Vitals as name 3b. Enter Vitals as Encounter type 3c. Any version number will be OK
  4. Click on Your created form in Manage Forms table
  5. Go to Manage Resources tab
  6. Add Resource 6a. Free Text datatype 6b. Default handler 6c. type “json” as name (without quotes ofc) 6d. paste THIS as Resource Value.

You should now be able to see your vitals form in capture vitals page on Your Android App. PS. Vitals forms are already present on and servers, so You can check them out :slight_smile: PPS. is getting frequently wiped, that’s why forms are not available on that server until You create one.


Is there any special module setup or port required to allow the Android client to log into a server, I can log into but not an online server.

thanks…i managed to get it to work

so is json the only way to make these forms work.

any easier interface to build any custom form with custom fiels so that it plays nicely with android client?

any way that custom html forms created via html form entry module or xforms module can be visible in android client ?

basically… what i am asking is there any simple way to write these json forms that can be interact with android client ?

Also is there any way to embed complex observations in these json forms(picture,document etc )

can you give me some examples of other json forms ?

ok i saw some at into2.openmrs server

can you give me example of a json form

which incorporates , text apart from numeric choices and has choice to pick up among predetermined coded values(answers to concept questions)

Hey @anupam,

It might be better for you to create a seperate topic for your question, you’ll reach a larger audience and receive a reply quicker. This thread is dedicated towards the 2.5 release.


Some of servers requires port to be defined in URL, for example

@ssmusoke, the only requirement should be the module. @tmarzeion, do we know what version of is required?

We hope to create a user guide soon. @shivtej has volunteered to lead the work on it. I saw @ykarim250 is interested too. @shivtej, please be sure to post on talk explaining how to help you with contributing the content to the guide once you figure out the structure. See AC-332 for reference.

@raff, I will make a note of this.

@raff Interesting that I had forgotten the site is behind an NGINX proxy which strips off the ports and adds a subdomain url … However I see the correct list of locations on the login page for the app, but cannot login with any of the usernames

@raff Unfortunately I don’t know which version of is required to make Android Client works, since we are allways using latest released / lastest snapshot versions

Thanks for the great work @ykarim250 and @shivtej.