Openmrs android app is not working

Openmrs android app is not working.

Kindly share the error logs you are getting through pastebin please!

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And where did you get the apk from? was it from the release page or the App store? Since the app store has got the stale build and is not getting updated.

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App got from Google Play Store.kindly let me know, if any details required

Can you pick it up from the releases page here since the google play publish is broken at present.

I have installed from above link… but the app is getting restart automatically, when opening… repeatedly.!

==================================== HEAP ANALYSIS RESULT


References underlined with β€œ~~~” are likely causes. Learn more at Introduction - LeakCanary.


A Library Leak is a leak caused by a known bug in 3rd party code that you do not have control over. See How LeakCanary works - LeakCanary

Leak pattern: instance field$1#this$0 Description: Android Q added a new$Stub class. creates an implementation of that interface as an anonymous subclass. That anonymous subclass has a reference to the activity. Another process is keeping the$Stub reference alive long after Activity.onDestroyed() has been called, causing the activity to leak.Fix: You can β€œfix” this leak by overriding Activity.onBackPressed() and calling Activity.finishAfterTransition(); instead of super if the activity is task root and the fragment stack is empty.Tracked here: Sign in - Google Accounts 559792 bytes retained by leaking objects Signature: 7573873eb76c9b7e8963efe04194842e7e15c8b9 ┬─── β”‚ GC Root: Global variable in native code β”‚ β”œβ”€$1 instance β”‚ Leaking: UNKNOWN β”‚ Anonymous subclass of$Stub β”‚ ↓ Activity$1.this$0 β”‚ ~~~~~~ β•°β†’ com.chuckerteam.chucker.internal.ui.MainActivity instance ​ Leaking: YES (ObjectWatcher was watching this because com.chuckerteam.chucker.internal.ui.MainActivity received Activity#onDestroy() callback and Activity#mDestroyed is true) ​ key = e364d5ab-9933-4d64-8bb1-8b16a0cb80e9 ​ watchDurationMillis = 5319 ​ retainedDurationMillis = 287

==================================== METADATA

Please include this in bug reports and Stack Overflow questions.

Build.VERSION.SDK_INT: 29 Build.MANUFACTURER: Xiaomi LeakCanary version: 2.4 App process name: Analysis duration: 10257 ms Heap dump file path: /data/user/0/ Heap dump timestamp: 1636859798881

I installed the app from above link it works for me :thinking:, can you try uninstalling and reinstalling or sharing the logs if its happening on v3.0.0

Brother this is what I have always used. Go to open RS talk online app(using your phone browser since you are using a phone) and up there will be an option of installing the app then click on that. Give it a few minutes and it will be automatically installed

@allan does it work for you or not?

it always works for me