OpenMRS and health informatics assignments/labs

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Hello Everyone especially trainers, instructors, professors!

In the OpenMRS Users Guide, the “Around the World” portion of the PDF mentions that OpenMRS has been used in training medical informatics students.

I am using OpenMRS in a course I teach “Healthcare Information Technology.” I was wondering if I could beg/borrow/steal some assignments and/or training materials that you are using? This is not about developing/programming, this is about showing people how to use OpenMRS. An example with tuberculosis, or HIV/AIDS, would be appreciated, thanks!

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Just in case you are interested in this:

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Hi @tbernier

Thanks for reaching out!

In my experience developing end user training, user guides are a great starting point for demonstrations and individual practice if you want to focus on how to use OpenMRS to collect data, generate reports, etc. One starting point is our User Guide on the WIki, though it is still a work in progress. If you want to go beyond data management, this eLearning module focuses on using EMRs (OpenMRS) for decision making. Otherwise, most of the community training materials and resources tend to focus on developing and implementing OpenMRS.

OpenMRS implementers who customize and deploy OpenMRS have a lot of experience conducting end user training on the ground. They might have some suggestions as well. @ball @dictoo2002 @wanyee @ssmusoke @christine @ggomez @sanjayap

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@ssemakadde you are one of those who have done hundreds of training sessions!

Hi @tbernier inbox me i think i have a few which i can share with you

Hello Jennifer, thanks for those resources and the contacts!

Daniel, thanks for pinging Matthew. Matthew, I just e-mailed you. Thanks for sharing your e-mail address.