OpenMRS Advisory Council Meeting 2016-09-07

Below is the agenda for the OpenMRS Advisory Council meeting set for next Wednesday, September 7th @10am EST.


Ask for any other business. (5min) Questions from last call? (Vivek’s Talk post on Goal #1) (5 min) WIP on OpenMRS Community Strategic Goal #2: Reference Application (Hamish Fraser) (30 min) Communications (5 min)

  • How the AC communicates with the community and the leadership team? (Currently using AC Talk Category)
  • Some AC bios are still needing to be updated

Other Business (15 min)


OpenMRS Strategic Goals 2016 Operational Plan Advisory Council Talk Category

Call In Information: Uberconference -

Notes for Session:

Hi Jamie, Unfortunately there is another meeting that came at the same time and is important for me to attend that one. I would not be able to attend the call today. Sorry for the late notice. Regards Vivek

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