OpenMRS Advisory Council Meeting 2016-07-06

Below is the agenda for the OpenMRS Advisory Council meeting set for next Wednesday, July 6th @10am EST.


Ask for any other business.

WIP on OpenMRS Community Strategic Goals (20 min each)

  • Goal #1: Platform (Burke Mamlin)
  • Goal #2: Reference Application (Hamish Fraser)

Communications (10 min)

  • How the AC communicates with the community and the leadership team?
  • Communication resources (AC bios, AC Talk category)

Other Business (10 min)


  1. OpenMRS Strategic Goals (
  2. 2016 Operational Plan (
  3. 2015 Annual Report (
  4. Advisory Council Talk Category (

Call In Information: Uberconference -

Notes for Session:

Sorry I missed the meeting due to circumstances beyond my control however I have read the notes of the meeting and hope to be at the next meeting on 7th Sept.

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